Monday, April 1, 2019

There Once Was An Uncle Called Wiggly

Now me, I heard it right on wall street
that a copper chasing broker was balls deep
in a puddle of shares whose price dropped like a snare.
Let's move to Baltimore, here they all creeps.

Nineteen-hundred-seven THE PANIC!
Banks are sinking like the Titanic.
But that was five years later (let me rewind, hater)
And use both hands to find my way through the static.

Eight million dollars in three hours
withdrawn, leaving Knickerbocker sour.
Warburg was smilin' all the way to Jekyll Island
and America was theirs to devour.

And you can read all about it here!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

"We must kill you so your children listen to us"

We got a dynasty
finest thee
world will ever know.

It has provided me
with eyes that see
eurasian land aglow

Afire with democracy
or nuclear prophecy
sovereignty gots ta go

for it was meant to be  
"pull it" like Salomon Bros

Friday, March 22, 2019

Leave these off your menu

Neo-con hip hop
Sounds like a joke, but I sh*t you not
It's on top.

Of their to-do list
I'm true to fist
you seem new to this

Well the tools you pick
dictate the rules they stick
you wit.

Cause I wasted a punch or five
on a guy who just needed to step aside
and now I'm locked inside.

Better than a shackle up and shuffle straight time
Ain't lyin.

hate flyin? no
late cryin? yes
lunacy or stress?
Conflict resolved? Yes but now a new obstacle
delays progress.

Can't boil me neo-con
I'm hoppin out of your pot
Call me pepe
 Oh sh*t the cops

-Brought to you by Field Extracts Strawberry Banana Rosin