Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Full Housin'

Suspense stretches tension, 
this ain't wagers in a fable,
Said "keep it in yo sleeve or I will flip this here table"

I step stacked. 
Feet so sweet in the ring.
Teach you ropes, like a dope 
who don't float n' won't sting.

I grabbed space. 
Out the action, 
with that game still crackin'
No one clapped at my back and
heard no slides go rackin'

Winnings went unlaundered, 
I get 'em I spend 'em.
Stud game felt wrong, 
still on edge. Heat hand: venom.

"All hands on deck! 
Soldiers to triggers!"

Thirsty ground, fam.
Them diggin' gravest figures.

Found a way to know out,
doubts had me buggin' 
One wrong track
twisted scrap, like a train.
Then my brain strained, twitchin',
petrified, glitchin'
"shooting at a straddle-blind card game" they hissin'  
minefield welcome mat greets that stalk-hungry schism.

Stackin' and crackin'the
mint all day, 
i gets most.
Buy the bottle, tip it, curb sips. 
To fallen, toast.
Livin' fresh. Wishes none. Ism free. 
Ism Schizzin? Yo! I'll be ya Huckleberry

Because i'm housin
free hand full housin'
too late, on this matter 
too late on this matter

Found a way to know out. Stout, I recovered.
Found a way to know out. Route, undercover
What a way to bow out . . . 
. . . what me, a sucker?

Schoolin' heads of parties.
I gild the lamplit pack.
Snatch unsavory fellows 
let 'em flame broil in blowback.
Justified, sound as soil and you know that. 

Table games and wheels. 
Chance and truth.
Chaos and loss and loot, 
derailed, no reboot.

When out libs greet me gleeful, 
the we, put pep in step, yow!
Sins for citizens 
all in season now.
And we, 
grew roads true and far 
Wagons outbound!
Onto the stars.
"Customs are clear, 
fire stoked and kept wild.
If proximal, it possible some Libs get you riled."
I straight clip the regime,
roar like a kraken.
Schooled in the wild, still I'm pretty picture snappin'.
On the 'down' 
let straps leave palms.
Tribe of ornery bootleg scribes up on the lawn,
four of 'em housin'. . . .

Others found a way out, 
route was discovered.
Found a way to know out. 
Kept hush, a sucka
Now I'm housin
Flushin' Royals, four out, straights. Stacks, i'm covered.
Cuz i'm housin'.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

A Shard Day's Night

Been siftin’, driftin’ and unseen.
Blinded Oculus Supreme.
false hero
Falls past zero
Here, a true obscene.
Set loose, without truce,
bruised-gotta bust
out wherever I'm strapped
got to get me autonomous.
what they need, I get
never hes-it-ant
first to get
both feet wet
don't need no

Blind sons get
swept, kept in cage.
A spirit, wanton-invoked
by chance or as staged?
Free, once yolked
dread pastors
dodging preachers.
I'm the one,
behind one,
and deeper.
Ultra-violent wave
Enslaves the saved
so brave evade the reach.
flatten firmamanet
Know I, unleashed

Never reposed
we goin’ dodo
Folks lean o’
So po’
my face, they know.
Sharing low episodes?
Time passin’
in rhymes and verses.
Ashes have followed me,
This me comes in service.

Fancy boots.
Got robbed while in
'sleep mode'
DAN hung me out,
Raltov plays and he keeps
ERROR ERROR -Endeavor? "Homey don’t play dat"
Turtle Power! Fight The Power! I’m Bat-Bat-Bat-"

I'm Czyglobbin', droppin’
mystical crystals.
Me and them like
mortar and pestle.

Friday, June 19, 2020

2020 Visions

You Pro-form with your snow storm,
  But diluted and muted apart.
           You snooze your conscience? What? 
                   You think they got your back?

Only back they got is the past.
Restate the values, refresh the cast.
Safe in numbers, mob flock is called upon
erasin' Dixon now fixin' bayonets, grunts and pawns.

"Our kind already here" None of that!
Compassion trumped by fear.
Cambridge, new age game, raised hater's bar
Charlottesville had some thrilled, bald heads behind bars.
Madness, or race inflamed . . . both scar.
Spar when my neighbors claimin’ "We've come far"

Media, free to ya, swipe-fight-drama
One man knelt-on, called for his mama.
One man on knee, so we’d face the beast,
Got released. Irreproachable. Towering. Peace. 

    “Show no 
emotions here . . .” 
            (But you got the stank of fear)
                 "Felt safe in swell of peers!" 
                    a fence line, neglect, despair 
                   . . . see that from way up there?
                           High horse, clear course, all's fair.
                               “They’ll feel no welcome here”

Hostiles bold, keep prophet's cold.
Hit list toll broke finest molds.
To brutalize, the pig relies
on a shield, state cliqued up to ride, 
over the poor and kickin' in doors
thin blue line they cross, daily, tally the score.

Once your seen, the system awaits,
bow to the devils or proud, laid to waste.
Every turn, there's hells gates pipin' hot at dawn,
kneel for the victims, feel we still 4th and real long.
Done dealin'. Get them acres, they'll be tillin'
Call it stealin' does the real villain.

Media, need the dumb thumb fight drama.
All blue looked on, could not be calmer.
One man who kneeled, asked we face the beast:
unemployed, irreproachable, power in peace.

These countries south of here, we broke up into shares.
    Those great white swells of peers, few might be corporate chairs.
        High horse, your force, all's fair,
            right-to-be unimpeded, so cheer (!).
                Well-done and Raw must share, 
                       if there is to be shelter here.

Americanized. American skies.
Puritanical pulpit is high.
Invisible ink, sinks named victimized 
History flipped, capsized.

American Dream: relieved, retired.
Sight alignment, sight picture acquired. 
History's lies piled high, still rise.
Inestimable, the victimized.
Inestimable, the victimized



Monday, June 15, 2020

Nolo Contendre

The dark side of my truth 
where the worst i'm capable of,
it blasts,
out of my grasp
my fists 
fast to give answer 
bashed a bastard 
he was wrecked
Caught on tape, 
in a net,
The DAs flapped their capes.

Caught a case on a waste and lost a horde of shit
practically stripped
civil suit for half a mil hit

My self worth in the rough
mental and nutsack scuffed, 
Three lawyers and no job, what? Legal stuff sucks.

East coast, where my crew busts off
Friends got straight laid off
some just canned, paid off

I'm the Big Will Philly meter
where the rhythm and the danger, matter 
Scare bareheadz, brains scatter. 

 Test, test, testin’ your spectacles
 2020 vision, no incisions on testicles
Though many fools been sweating me,
swinging from my nuts, nearly gave me a vasectomy.
Let ‘em be, back off deez
I need ball room, give refectory,
Don’t come near my chandelier trajectory  
Holy Allah Akbar! His testicular terroristry! 
Sketched priests heads down in the rectory.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Gun the Tools

Get ‘blood red rich’ methods expand
In ways no different from early man,
stolen land,
Bloody hands 
extend to create debt
Or poison the well, leave dirty water.
“Thirty? Martyr?
Dead tomorrow
Feast tonight, fret not, 
Your charter?
Tools gun’d up
weapons free 
Snuff any upcoming talent
Bearin’ any resemblance 
To the eminent 
Waive ya
Chrome and metal some
If that don’t settle ‘em?

Wet ’em son,

Any labor leader, 
here’s a penny, fade a preacher,
Pop a clip into a fool who think he a tool of holy prism
They organize under lies 
With the goal of communism.
Tell the money del Norte 
They prayed with shades of terrorism, 
Knock a fool down, guns got tools now,
fuck their heroism 
We ain’t listenin’ to leaders 
lest they got some Herod in ‘em.”

Thank you to Immortal Technique for inspiration. May the fallen know peace, and the wicked know justice. Or vengeance. 


Thursday, May 28, 2020

Compendium: Least worst of the not horrible (no kayfabe, 100% informed anger)

Amended and threaded 2018-2020 poems

Or read them here. 


I declare, invalid and obsolete:

Truth, Governance, Democracy, Happiness, and Love,

Time, finance, and face masks and rubber gloves, 

Parking fees, dudes on unicycles and ticket stubs.

we free of ALL of the above


“50 trillion” offshore, instruments tuned for the gore

a symphony of destruction, so dark, the score.

impenetrable box

atop a mountain of assets

turtle trustees duckin’

left handed Baphomet.

peasants are gasping, gettin’ after it, 

that thin air,

it’s thin where

consummate players do skin care.

The ravager, the solicitor 

devil debtors, complicit they’re

Danglin’ toot in front of low hangin suits,

Buy into our club, you’ll close the loop, 

complete the timetable

like ouroboros hula hoop 

a fuckin self sustaining cannibal’s fable.

Now me, I heard it right on Wall Street,

that a copper chasing broker was balls deep

in a puddle of shares 

whose price dropped like a snare.


A nation on it’s knees (man, they such creeps).

Nineteen-hundred-seven THE PANIC!

Banks are sinking like the Titanic.

But that was five years later 

So get to that rewind, hater!

find your own filthy way through the static.

Eight million dollars in three hours

withdrawn, leaving Knickerbocker sour.

Warburg was smilin' all the way to Jekyll Island

and America was theirs to devour.

There is no such thing as “truth”, 

for every experience if told from the root

Is still the point between and that point is moot

the point between any two accounts 

is a middle-ground fallacy,

3rd strike, caught you lookin, you out.

Composition & division, fragmentation & invalidation

Life is suffering, to live is to die, to die is to expire,

every living moment is a step toward death, and satisfaction is the death of desire.  

Happiness is an aggregate score 

from an emotional bar graph.

Happiness you can attain, but happiness is not the path 

This position does not mean that I believe life is not a wonder tour,

A formula of this and that ios what people blunder toward

love (sacrifice), communion (peace), creation ascendant 

the defining acts of human interdependence

Sometimes I come with knowledge

other times I come with feelings

an itch to spread the stuff I got

or put two in the ceiling


"now that I got your attention

take note of what I mention

beware of the fourth dimension

greet talking heads with apprehension

cause it is their intention

to manufacture dissension

assembly line extension

propagandize in prevention

of organic opposition

neighbors, rivals, nonconformism

instead they push the schism

industrialize methods of division"

See that is just my feeling

though knowledge can follow sharing

I got citations, volumes that

dismantle the pride your bearing

address the colors you be wearin'

leave mouths agape, leave parents

hiding kids from holes I'm tearin'

in the fabric, red, white and scary

the "virgin" Mary

the lone wolf "theory"

"magic" bullet? Spare me

You fragile so I stay wary

When I walk across your pages

flames to lies, that's where my rage is

put the house lights on so stages

strings and puppets all displayed, kids.

Neo-Con Tip Top

Ok I get it! 

It sticks cuz dead people said it.

like a bullet embedded

Calls up all that we've dreaded.

Another messenger made a martyr 

They could have taken us farther 

Partners in that new tomorrow 

Postponed for panoply sorrow

Lemme borrow a moment, no wait

A whole generation


Hate n degradation 

Every moment they patient.

Stations of cross? 

Agents of loss.

Scripted to play.

Penitent, not one day.

the scribe unrepentant

So trip

blood red pillin'

So grip

who be villains

The diligence

and good willin'

With that sleight of hand

Top billin'

We got a dynasty

finest thee

world will ever know.

It has provided me

with eyes that see

Not bridges that flow but your land aglow

I Project a new century

for it was meant to be  

"pull it" like Salomon Bros

Neo-con hip hop

Sounds like a joke, 

but I sh*t you not

It's on top. Of their to-do list

I'm true to fist

you seem new to this

Well the tools you pick

dictate the rules they stick

you wit.


Better than a shackle up and shuffle straight time

Ain't lyin.

lunacy or stress?

Conflict resolved? Yes 

but now a new obstacle

delays progress.

Can't boil me neo-con

I'm hoppin out of your pot

Call me pepe

 Oh sh*t the cops


When the stated ideals of this country

fail to reach one

We have beliefs to stand by

It is right then, that we need some.

Not for when the path is clear

and talk is live and stimulatin

Your beliefs are for that moment

when you start to contemplate them

When the pain sears those who’re targets 

When the wrong mess done got started

When reason and patience departed

Your constitution's regarded

Dig deep and dig in

check your own chin

What you have said

you want for humans

Right about now

you know then

does it fortify your stance

or do ya to sit out this dance?

Yo, It’s alright

if that test

Reduces you

to questions. Just

Spouting words, beat yo chest

are you a punk?

did you just stunt?

If you said it

But you can’t live it

Tighten your iron 

with the right rivets.

Revelations round the corner

“Oh shit!” moments on the border

Between what you know

And two steps down that path

Of dark disorder

And when the show goes live 

You forget your lines, 

They were just a script

you fantasized

You might get smacked

Or sent way back to 

way behind the starting line.

Hard to prove 

Morals you’ve

Selected on the road so smooth

As worthy of the rough road moves

you may find tough and bust your truth

Dressed for a blizzard

At a picnic

Won’t train you

for shit that gets thick

Acting tough when

around the real stuff

Won’t fool anyone who’s had to come up rough

They smell your comfort, call your buff

And then you lost some folk maybe you could trust

So, brothers and sisters 

How was this belief selected?

Was it a lesson, 

or something you collected?

Did it form when you were upset, alone and rejected?

Is it a monument to pride someone else erected?

So the morals and 

the ethical lines

The beliefs, the commandments 

What you stock inside,

From some kinda ism 

To some kinda pride

Run a systems check before the tide.

Might just throw out all your thoughts

Might be plastic, just store bought?

Someone else’s style you caught?

A lesson you ain’t yet been taught?

So if you empty out your chest,

Would you be more, would you be less?

I’d say you’re more, say you passed a test.

New roads ahead, joy and unrest

Pleasured, pressed, cursed, burned and blessed

Some lows to hit, some heights to crest.

But you’ll be absent of the mess you stored up never having guessed

The things you like, adore, accept may not be strong enough for steps

You’ll need to lead you under stress

Toward whatever you got next.

                Taxi with Taylor (nifty with Swifty)

Hear that? 

Sounds like brain fat.

Excess tissue slows intellect, 

know that! 

Everybody sounds

A part of some crowd,

Where nobody knows shit. 

But shit is all that they spout.

They get loud

In their favorite crowd

Their master gets them high

they can’t be brought down

All answers now

The stance of the proud

Righteous and might just

Feel like knockin’ someone down

weak to say

“Back in my day

We did it right 

And no one got to be gay”

They got this too

“When I was a youth

We all looked alike

So no one tarnished the truth”

Living to blame

“Things just ain’t same

Since the coloreds

and mexicans brought in the  cocaine”

Everyone but they self

“Times used to be swell,

someone else

Turned this into living hell”

Cause they ain’t wrong

In the right for so long

While the ones who fight for each day

Stay strong

Moving targets and mothers

Police prey and brothers

Sisters slandered 

And fathers locked up with others

Again I hear

Fatty brains talkin fear

Recycling the news

He says is fake

And they cheer

They are fueled

And don’t feel ruled

The leader looks like them

They can’t be fooled

“My buddy’s police”

They say “he said they’re beasts

The houses are cages

On our kids they feast”

And on and such

Hear it a bunch

Blaming the outsiders

Blaming free lunch

Talking bout incidents

Pointing at immigrants

The country lost jobs

Cause people like them get into it 

I think that was NAFTA

Is that what you’re after?

‘Nah man fucking mexicans 

Why let em in do we have ta?’

I got no answers.

Fear spreading faster

By people conditioned 

to do the will of their masters

They water the seeds

They defend the greed

and tactics of terror

“But it 's what we need

They are the enemy

No other way can it be

It's  us against them

Are you still a friend to me?”

“Am I a friend?

Asking cause I don’t bend

And kiss the rings of your master

Or wave the flag till the end?”

Getting nowhere,

hate fils the air,

Fatty brains burning 

Cause everyone scared.

        Order Control 

See my papers at the point 

you wanna search me, plant a joint?

You see my face from far away

already know what you will say.

You see my hair 

my skin my boots

You got opinions 

bout my roots,

Think i’m coming to pick fruit?

I’d like to stay, you’d rather shoot.

Tried the straight route

tried the line

Stood there for days 

with papers signed.

While those denied 

walked past and cried

Aloud the sound 

of agonized

Asylum seekers

Hot tip leakers

farmers, mothers, drivers, preachers.

Plead their case, every day weaker

400 miles on foot and bleaker

is the future.

They put sutures

Over wounds from sponsored shooters,

They call troopers.

While drug movers

While the looters 

Give their rhetoric a booster. 

only maneuver

Is to run! Run child and leap 

The fence, or crawl, stow or creep

out of this land they work to keep

A ruined model for some speech

A tattered nation schools will teach

The blood of millions? they’ll use bleach.

 White wash the story


 Build another laboratory

 In some foreign territory

Privatized by predatory 

Cooks of poison, pushing sin

Sip their blood as you cash in.

On the news, trying not to grin,

I came to play fair, but you’d rather win.

I know the rules

you got tools

To walk your borders, 

staff your schools

 Wave your flag like prideful fools

Keep up the masquerade for ghouls.

I’d rather live free and work hard

You’d rather deny me a card.

How can I 

respect the process 

When all levels 

block our progress?

Back in line, or back of truck?

Stay and starve or run and duck?

Dodge a minuteman or stuck?

Sound like the choices of the fucked.

Tired, hungry, wearing thin,

I could play fair, but you’d rather win.


Fragment your arguments: 

a prismatic refraction 

Of Your heart’s intent. 

The veiled hazards 

of the game, 

Not evident 

Tool up for the dirtiest of tricks

. . .watch your 6. . .

the legal team saddles up to retaliate-

violate the trust

come people prismatic 


and light the devils up, 

leaving dust 

Un-just! . . . Invented! . . . Bureaucratic . . . Cemented!

Enrich your stance with a precedent 

Not a social post, ghost of an argument

Send your heart to stand

Where the words will land

Impalpable and paper printed 

ride their highway 


And decadent.

Blood and bones toil and woe

Express lanes, HOV, you know

Un-just! . . . Invented! . . . Bureaucratic . . . Cemented!

Gladio, Attica, Ajax-hysteria

Iran 1953 Guatemala the next year 

so much suffering on both ends of benders 

Continental consequences unknown 

cuz protected vendors 

Of potions powders and struggle 

don’t disclose the numbers 

I stumbled on drugs 

One who funded 

blood money 

Global tumult and all nightmares I ever wondered 

when I was younger.


A pawn on the board

Foot soldiers kicking in doors

A squire chasing a knight 

Keeping up on his chores

Bodies fresh, dig a ditch

Scratch a sinister itch

not a noble course

But dirty deeds for the filthy rich

Pawn has no range

It could be blind and still wage

War for the master class

So long as there is a stage

No protection, just faith

Survive and bloodlust awaits

If you live through the shit

And passed through malice and hate

Look around your homeland

At every woman or man

They praise your deeds though dirty

Cause that’s how it began

Remember remember

11 september

We do what they do 

Until the whole world surrenders

We kill those people

who go killin’ people

Cause it’s wrong and so long

We been tacking on sequels

New theatre for cast

Set flags at half-mast

This new threat is new

Never to be ‘the last’

Best stuff from 2018-2020