Thursday, October 4, 2018

Illogical Pentagonal

                My Logical Fallacies
1.Loaded Questions for Sheep: When I engage someone I know to be stupid, I will often build a question so that when they respond with “It’s God’s Will”, “what about 9/11?”, or “Thanks, Obama”, they are stepping into a confirmation (or denial, at times) that is a logical fallacy built by their heroes.  In other words, I make them feel the stupid, as opposed to just looking the part. I loathe what we have become, as a global product. We’re just a global shopper. I’m exhausted from being an American who hates Americans. I’m worse than Bill Maher.
2. Appeal to (absolute denial of) Authority: If it comes from the authorities, it can not be true. In no situation is the official story
  1. The entirety of the info the authorities have gathered
  2. From a variety of sources both proximal and distal, favorable and unfavorable, to the state
  3. Composed, edited, or distributed by anyone other than insiders
  4. Death to America! I’m kidding.
Webs of Stupid (watch out!): I live in an unenviable position.  My house is near the beach, my woman is educated and polite, my truck is brand new, and my dogs are healthy. So . . . I got that goin’ for me . . . but what I mean is this-I do not believe in the following words or concepts. Communicating with people is difficult for me.  Talking to Americans, that is.
I profess the invalidation and deconstruction of
Truth, Governance, (Representative) Democracy, Happiness, Time, or financial speculation/lending at interest.  
(3) There is no such thing as “truth”, for every single experience is subjective, and the point between any two accounts is a middle-ground fallacy.  Addendum: is this a fallacy fallacy?  
Governance: Representation without consultation.
Democracy: Direct votes by the people do not require representatives, and no governing body is required to accept, or institute change.
4.Composition & division (or: fragmentation & invalidation) Happiness: Life is suffering, to live is to die, every living moment is a step toward death, and satisfaction is the death of desire.  Happiness is a term that builds an aggregate score from an emotional bar graph. This position does not mean that I believe this life is not wonderful, for it is. I simply feel that pleasure derived from any source (physical accomplishment, sexual congress, spiritual leaps and bounds, your kid can now ride a bike), over pain (any and all) is the formula for what people call happiness. A smiley face minus a poo emoji equals a thumbs up. Whereas love (sacrifice), communion (peace), creation (trade, art) appear as the defining (to this commentator, anyway) acts of human interdependence.
5.Appeals to nature Feedback from mother earth comes in delayed, and instant waves.  Scientists and their methods offer us a look into highly probable cause-and-effect relationships between our industrial presence on earth, and all of the life which was here prior to the steam engine. I do not despise vehicles, nor do I weep for polar bears, I do, however, read the books and watch the documentaries regarding the rubber, steel, and petroleum barons who decommissioned public transportation in various U.S. cities in order to increase their wealth through proliferation of the auto industry.  So, when people talk about nature, I serve up my own appeal to nature: man is the most destructive force this planet has ever seen. Often in the beginning of an interaction, I’ll Rush Limbaugh somebody right in their Al Gore. Knocks the greenhouse gas right out of ‘em. Ross Perot/Jill Stein 2020.

What is yours?

Monday, October 1, 2018

Augmenta Lunae

I state boldly:
arguments condoning censorship often support inter and intra-institutional solidarity, or come from the weary hearts of the shepherds tending to the malleable minds and sensibilities of their Pavlovian flock.