Friday, March 22, 2019

Leave these off your menu

Neo-con hip hop
Sounds like a joke, but I sh*t you not
It's on top.

Of their to-do list
I'm true to fist
you seem new to this

Well the tools you pick
dictate the rules they stick
you wit.

Cause I wasted a punch or five
on a guy who just needed to step aside
and now I'm locked inside.

Better than a shackle up and shuffle straight time
Ain't lyin.

hate flyin? no
late cryin? yes
lunacy or stress?
Conflict resolved? Yes but now a new obstacle
delays progress.

Can't boil me neo-con
I'm hoppin out of your pot
Call me pepe
 Oh sh*t the cops

-Brought to you by Field Extracts Strawberry Banana Rosin