Saturday, November 30, 2019


We have beliefs to stand by when the right sh*t ain’t been served
Not for when the path is clear, or just exchanging words
When the pain sears those who’re targets 
When the wrong mess done got started
When reason, patience have departed
Our constitution is regarded

Dig in and check your own chin
Whatever you’ve said makes you human
May not fortify your stance
You might need to sit out this dance

Yo, It’s alright if that test
Reduces you to questions, left
thinking are you a punk
Or did you just front
Spouting words, beating your chest
If you said it
But you can’t live it
Tighten your iron 
with the right rivets.

Revelations round the corner
“Oh shit!” moments on the border
Between what you know
And two steps down that path
Of dark disorder

And when the show goes live 
You forgot your lines 
And fakin it ain’t the move

You might get smacked
Or sent way back to 
Rebuild your charter groove

Hard to prove 
Morals that you’ve
Selected on the road so smooth
As worthy of some rough road life storm gear
That keeps you on the move

Dressed for a blizzard
At a picnic
Won’t train you
for shit that gets thick

Acting tough when
 you’re around the real stuff
Won’t fool anyone who’s had to come up rough
They smell your comfort, call your buff
And then you lost some folk maybe you could trust

So the morals and 
the ethical lines
The beliefs, the commandments 
What you stock inside,
From some kinda ism 
To some kinda pride
Run a systems check before the tide.

So, brothers and sisters 
How was this belief selected?
Was it a lesson, 
or something you collected?
Did it form when you were upset, alone and rejected?
Is it a monument to pride someone else erected?

Is it worth it?  Best go work it
Put your charter on display and reverse it.
Evaluate your code, Cut the shit time to search it.

Might just throw out all your thoughts
Might be plastic, just store bought?
Someone else’s style you caught?
A lesson you ain’t yet been taught?

So if you empty out your chest,
Would you be more, would you be less?
I’d say you’re more, say you passed a test.
New roads ahead, joy and unrest
Pleasured, pressed, cursed, burned and blessed
Some lows to hit, some heights to crest.
But you’ll be absent of the mess you stored up never having guessed
The things you like, adore, accept may not be strong enough for steps
You’ll need to lead you under stress
Toward whatever you got next.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Border Control

See my papers at the point 
you wanna search me, plant a joint?
You see my face from far away
 already know what you will say.
You see my hair 
my skin my boots
You got opinions 
bout my roots,
Think i’m coming to pick fruit?
I’d like to stay, you’d rather shoot.

Tried the straight route
tried the line
Stood there for days 
with papers signed.
While those denied 
walked past and cried
Aloud the sound 
of agonized
Asylum seekers
Hot tip leakers
farmers, mothers, drivers, preachers.
Plead their case, every day weaker
400 miles on foot and bleaker

is the future.
They put sutures
Over wounds from sponsored shooters,

They call troopers.
While drug movers
While the looters 
Give their rhetoric a booster. 
only maneuver 

Is to run! Run child and leap 
The fence, or crawl, stow or creep
out of this land they work to keep
A ruined model for some speech
A tattered nation schools will teach
The blood of millions? they’ll use bleach.

White wash the story
Build another laboratory
In some foreign territory
Privatized by predatory 

Cooks of poison, pushing sin
Sip their blood as you cash in.
On the news, trying not to grin,
I came to play fair, but you’d rather win.
I know the rules
you got tools
To walk your borders, 
staff your schools
Wave your flag like prideful fools
Keep up the masquerade for ghouls.
I’d rather live free and work hard
You’d rather deny me a card.
How can I 
respect the process 
When all levels 
block our progress?
Back in line, or back of truck?
Stay and starve or run and duck?
Dodge a minuteman or stuck?
Sound like the choices of the fucked.
Tired, hungry, wearing thin,
I could play fair, but you’d rather win.