Saturday, November 30, 2019


When the stated ideals of this country
fail to reach one
We have beliefs to stand by
It is right then, that we need some.
Not for when the path is clear
and talk is live and stimulatin
Your beliefs are for that moment
when you start to contemplate them

When the pain sears those who’re targets 
When the wrong mess done got started
When reason and patience departed
Your constitution's regarded

Dig deep and dig in
check your own chin
What you have said
you want for humans
Right about now
you know then
does it fortify your stance
or do ya to sit out this dance?

Yo, It’s alright
if that test
Reduces you
to questions. Just
Spouting words, beat yo chest
are you a punk?
did you just stunt?

If you said it
But you can’t live it
Tighten your iron 
with the right rivets.

Revelations round the corner
“Oh shit!” moments on the border
Between what you know
And two steps down that path
Of dark disorder

And when the show goes live 
You forget your lines, 
They were just a script
you fantasized
You might get smacked
Or sent way back to 
way behind the starting line.

Hard to prove 
Morals you’ve
Selected on the road so smooth
As worthy of the rough road moves
you may find tough and bust your truth

Dressed for a blizzard
At a picnic
Won’t train you
for shit that gets thick
Acting tough when
around the real stuff
Won’t fool anyone who’s had to come up rough
They smell your comfort, call your buff
And then you lost some folk maybe you could trust

So, brothers and sisters 
How was this belief selected?
Was it a lesson, 
or something you collected?
Did it form when you were upset, alone and rejected?
Is it a monument to pride someone else erected?

So the morals and 
the ethical lines
The beliefs, the commandments 
What you stock inside,
From some kinda ism 
To some kinda pride
Run a systems check before the tide.

Might just throw out all your thoughts
Might be plastic, just store bought?
Someone else’s style you caught?
A lesson you ain’t yet been taught?

So if you empty out your chest,
Would you be more, would you be less?
I’d say you’re more, say you passed a test.
New roads ahead, joy and unrest
Pleasured, pressed, cursed, burned and blessed
Some lows to hit, some heights to crest.
But you’ll be absent of the mess you stored up never having guessed
The things you like, adore, accept may not be strong enough for steps
You’ll need to lead you under stress
Toward whatever you got next.