Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Remember and enter

A pawn on the board
Foot soldiers kicking in doors
A squire chasing a knight 
Keeping up on his chores

Bodies fresh, dig a ditch
Scratch a sinister itch
not a noble course
But dirty deeds for the filthy rich

Pawn has no range
It could be blind and still wage
War for the master class
So long as there is a stage

No protection, just faith
Survive and bloodlust awaits
If you live through the shit
And passed through malice and hate

Look around your homeland
At every woman or man
They praise your deeds though dirty
Cause that’s how it began

Remember remember
11 september
We do what they do 
Until the whole world surrenders

We kill those people
who go killin’ people
Cause it’s wrong and so long
We been tacking on sequels

New theatre for cast
Set flags at half-mast
This new threat is new
Never to be ‘the last’

Monday, December 2, 2019

Taxi with Taylor

He is the worst since last time
The worst ever says I Me Mine
How could you? Cause I would never.
BFF since like forever.

Her mind failed her
I wouldn't nail her
Your name is Taylor?
that's so weird so's my friend Taylor.

Hear that? 
Sounds like brain fat.
Excess tissue slows intellect, 
know that! 

Everybody sounds
A part of some crowd,
Where nobody knows shit. 
But shit is all that they spout.

They get loud
In their favorite crowd
Their master gets them high
they can’t be brought down

All answers now
The stance of the proud
Righteous and might just
Feel like knockin’ someone down

weak to say
“Back in my day
We did it right 
And no one got to be gay”

They got this too
“When I was a youth
We all looked alike
So no one tarnished the truth”

Living to blame
“Things just ain’t same
Since the coloreds
and mexicans brought in the cocaine”

Everyone but they self
“Times used to be swell,
someone else
Turned this into living hell”

Cause they ain’t wrong
In the right for so long
While the ones who fight for each day
Stay strong

Moving targets and mothers
Police prey and brothers
Sisters slandered 
And fathers locked up with others

Again I hear
Fatty brains talkin fear
Recycling the news
He says is fake
And they cheer

They are fueled
And don’t feel ruled
The leader looks like them
They can’t be fooled

“My buddy’s police”
They say “he said they’re beasts
The houses are cages
On our kids they feast”

And on and such
Hear it a bunch
Blaming the outsiders
Blaming free lunch

Talking bout incidents
Pointing at immigrants
The country lost jobs
Cause people like them get into it 

I think that was NAFTA
Is that what you’re after?
‘Nah man fucking mexicans 
Why let em in do we have ta?’

I got no answers.
Fear spreading faster
By people conditioned 
to do the will of their masters

They water the seeds
They defend the greed
and tactics of terror
“But it 's what we need

They are the enemy
No other way can it be
It's us against them
Are you still a friend to me?”

“Am I a friend?
Asking cause I don’t bend
And kiss the rings of your master
Or wave the flag till the end?”

Getting nowhere,
hate fils the air,
Fatty brains burning 
Cause everyone scared.