Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Remember and enter

A pawn on the board
Foot soldiers kicking in doors
A squire chasing a knight 
Keeping up on his chores

Bodies fresh, dig a ditch
Scratch a sinister itch
not a noble course
But dirty deeds for the filthy rich

Pawn has no range
It could be blind and still wage
War for the master class
So long as there is a stage

No protection, just faith
Survive and bloodlust awaits
If you live through the shit
And passed through malice and hate

Look around your homeland
At every woman or man
They praise your deeds though dirty
Cause that’s how it began

Remember remember
11 september
We do what they do 
Until the whole world surrenders

We kill those people
who go killin’ people
Cause it’s wrong and so long
We been tacking on sequels

New theatre for cast
Set flags at half-mast
This new threat is new
Never to be ‘the last’