Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Right 'chea

Kids in my neighborhood been at home for too long
noise like a viagra monkey banging a gong
Next door neighbor has a bobcat and a circular saw
everyday he power tools it and i climb up a wall
I lost my mind, left house with mask, and a set of gloves
asked a stranger "them titties from city of brotherly love?"
She gave a look like I was out of order, out my damn mind,
I said "I got more guesses, but not all of them gonna rhyme!
Hooters from Tuscaloosa? Chesticles be terrestrial? 
Top shelf tig 'ol bitties from right up near King O'Prussia?"

Whole parking lot was looking, 
eyeballs just staring, cookin'
"Mammaries satisfactory 
stacked happily from Napoli?"
Then they came rushin', gonna make their point
"Double D delights, so nice, they from Detroit?"

Swingin' purses, cursin'
hollerin' i'm a savage
how am I to act with two big tater's size of cabbage?
I'm going crazy y'all, 
stuck inside my own walls,
the kids and neighbors tools will have me much worse by the fall.
Escaped the mob of masked citizens without a scratch,
next time i got geographic questions 'bout they snatch.


Do you party like it's COVID 19 ninety nine, 
6 feet from the dude who cut you up a line?
Or do you live dangerous, touchin' hers and his and mine?
hardly sober, toots, shoot, party over, oops, outta time.

I keep six feet from the man in the mirror 
he been raisin an eyebrow and daily gettin nearer
Hope he knows who's on this side, hope he opts to stay chill,
I'm a felon gettin sued for a hefty half a mil

Beatdown i dealt was cold, his face was caved
I'll socially distance myself at his fuckin grave!
Grab a mask, and a travel sized way to sanitize
shut em down open up shop, yell "Surprise!"

We ain't even in the door and I can tell
the dude has done gone already shit hisself 
"what up Mr. Plaintiff would you like to ask for 
that half a million while I'm right here big as fuck in yo door?"

It wouldn't get much further than that, 
I'd have to drop a deuce dead center on his pillow: ker-splatt!
I'd tell em "you a punk pansy proper pussy, heard dat?"
6 feet apart cause he might have corona or clap

That's what i'd do if there were no consequences
if there were no more municipalities or 3 year sentence 
if the felony fell away from me, Hell to pay, ooh wee
me and the man in the mirror would tag team, break 'em see?

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

"Note to Shelf"

Sometimes I come with knowledge
other times I come with feelings
an itch to spread the stuff I got
or put two in the ceiling


"now that I got your attention
take note of what I mention
beware of the fourth dimension
greet talking heads with apprehension

cause it is their intention
to manufacture dissension
assembly line extension
propagandize in prevention

of organic opposition
neighbors, rivals, nonconformism
instead they push the schism
industrialize methods of division"

See that is just my feeling
though knowledge can follow sharing
I got citations, volumes that
dismantle the pride your bearing

address the colors you be wearin'
leave mouths agape, leave parents
hiding kids from holes I'm tearin'
in the fabric, red, white and scary

the "virgin" Mary
the lone wolf "theory"
"magic" bullet? Spare me
You fragile so I stay wary

When I walk across your pages
flames to lies, that's where my rage is
put the house lights on so stages
strings and puppets all displayed, kids.