Wednesday, January 15, 2020

"Note to Shelf"

Sometimes I come with knowledge
other times I come with feelings
an itch to spread the stuff I got
or put two in the ceiling


"now that I got your attention
take note of what I mention
beware of the fourth dimension
greet talking heads with apprehension

cause it is their intention
to manufacture dissension
assembly line extension
propagandize in prevention

of organic opposition
neighbors, rivals, nonconformism
instead they push the schism
industrialize methods of division"

See that is just my feeling
though knowledge can follow sharing
I got citations, volumes that
dismantle the pride your bearing

address the colors you be wearin'
leave mouths agape, leave parents
hiding kids from holes I'm tearin'
in the fabric, red, white and scary

the "virgin" Mary
the lone wolf "theory"
"magic" bullet? Spare me
You fragile so I stay wary

When I walk across your pages
flames to lies, that's where my rage is
put the house lights on so stages
strings and puppets all displayed, kids.