Sunday, June 21, 2020

A Shard Day's Night

Been siftin’, driftin’ and unseen.
Blind to Optima Supreme.
false hero
Falls past zero
Here, a true obscene.
Set loose, without truce,
bruised-gotta bust
out wherever I'm strapped
got to get me autonomous.
what they need, I get
never hes-it-ant
first to get
both feet wet
don't need no

Blind sons get
swept, kept in cage.
A spirit, wanton-invoked
by chance or as staged?
Free, once yolked
dread pastors
dodging preachers.
I'm the one,
behind one,
and deeper.
Ultra-violent wave
Enslaves the saved
so brave evade the reach.
flatten firmamanet
Know I, unleashed

Never reposed
we goin’ dodo
Folks lean o’
So po’
my face, they know.
Sharing low episodes?
Time passin’
in rhymes and verses.
Ashes have followed me,
This me comes in service.

Fancy boots.
Got robbed while in
'sleep mode'
DAN hung me out,
Raltov plays and he keeps
ERROR ERROR -Endeavor? "Homey don’t play dat"
Turtle Power! Fight The Power! I’m Bat-Bat-Bat-"

I'm Czyglobbin', droppin’
mystical crystals.
Me and them like
mortar and pestle.

“Wrestle Fest is next, 
no tv sets,
my stock is rollin'
 ⇼⎏⍩₫¥£₺-point one”
Conspicuous right one.

Friday, June 19, 2020

2020 Visions

You Pro-form with your snow storm,
  But diluted and muted apart.
           Snooze your conscience? What? 
                   You think they got your back?

Only back they watch, is the past
Restate the values, refresh the cast.
Safe in numbers, mob flock is called upon
erasin' Dixon now fixin' bayonets, grunts and pawns.

"Our kind already here" None of that!
Compassion trumped by fear.
Cambridge, new age game, raised hater's bar
Charlottesville had some thrilled, bald heads behind bars.
Madness, or race inflamed . . . both scar.
Spar when my neighbors claimin’ "We've come far"

Media, free to ya, swipe-fight-drama
One man knelt-on, called for his mama.
One man on knee, so we’d face the beast,
Got released. Irreproachable. Towering. Peace. 

    “Show no 
emotions here . . .” 
            (But you got the stank of fear)
                 "Felt safe in swells of peers!" 
                    a fence line, neglect, despair 
                   . . . see that from way up there?
                           High horse, clear course, all's fair.
                               “They’ll feel no welcome here”

Hostiles bold, keep prophet's cold.
hit list toll broke finest molds.
To brutalize, the pig relies
on a shield, state cliqued up to ride, 
over the poor and kickin' in doors
thin blue line they cross, daily, tally the score.

Once your seen, the system awaits,
bow to the devils or proud, laid to waste.
Every turn, there's hells gates pipin' hot at dawn,
kneel for the victims, feel we still 4th and long.
Done dealin', forty acres, soon be tillin'
Call it stealin' does the real villain.

Media, need it huh? Thumb fight-drama.
All blue looked on, could not be calmer.
One man who kneeled, asked we face the beast
unemployed, irreproachable, power in peace.

These countries south of here, we broke up into shares
    Those great white swells of peers, few might be corporate chairs.
        High horse, your force, all's fair,
            right-to-be unimpeded, so cheer (!).
                Well-done and Raw must share, 
                       if there is to be shelter here.

Americanized. American skies.
Puritanical pulpit is high.
Invisible ink, sinks named victims, why? 
History flipped, capsized.

American Dream: relieved, retired.
Sight alignment, sight picture acquired. 
History's lies piled high, still rise.
Inestimable, the victimized.


Monday, June 15, 2020

Nolo Contendre

The dark side of my truth 
where the worst i'm capable of
were stashed 
reached blind my grasp 
fell on a fine example
bashed a bastard 
he was wrecked
Caught on tape, my next
move was nolo contendre

Caught a case on a waste and lost all sorta shit
I'm practically stipped
civil suit for half a mil hit

My self worth in the rough
mental and nutsack scuffed, 
Three lawyers and no job, yo, what? There's more

East coast, where my crew busts off
Friends got straight laid off
some just canned, paid off

I'm the Big Will Philly meter
where the rhythm and the danger, matter 
Scare bareheadz, make brains scatter 

 Test, test, testin’ your spectacles
 got 2020 vision, but no incisions on my testicles
Though many fools been sweating me,
swinging from my nuts, nearly gave me a vasectomy.
Let ‘em be, back off deez
I need ball room, give refectory,
Don’t come near my chandelier trajectory  
Holy ball bag it’s a testicular threat flurry 
Sketched priests presbytery heads down in the rectory.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Gun the Tools

Get ‘blood red rich’ methods expand
In ways no different from earliest slaughter,
stolen land,
Bloody hands 
extend to create debt
Or poison the well, leave dirty water.
“Thirty? Martyr?
Dead tomorrow
Feast tonight, fret not, 
Your charter?
Tools gun’d up
weapons free 
Snuff any upcoming talent
Bearin’ any resemblance 
To the eminent 
Waive ya
Chrome and metal some
If that don’t settle ‘em?

Wet ’em son,

Any labor leader, 
here’s a penny, fade a preacher,
Pop a clip into a fool who think he a tool of holy prism
They organize under lies 
With the goal of communism.
Tell the money del Norte 
They prayed with shades of terrorism, 
Knock a fool down, guns got tools now,
fuck their heroism 
We ain’t listenin’ to leaders 
lest they got some Herod in ‘em.”

Thank you to Immortal Technique for inspiration. May the fallen know peace, and the wicked know justice. Or vengeance.