Sunday, June 7, 2020

Gun the Tools

Get ‘blood red rich’ methods expand
In ways no different from earliest slaughter,
stolen land,
Bloody hands 
extend to create debt
Or poison the well, leave dirty water.
“Thirty? Martyr?
Dead tomorrow
Feast tonight, fret not, 
Your charter?
Tools gun’d up
weapons free 
Snuff any upcoming talent
Bearin’ any resemblance 
To the eminent 
Waive ya
Chrome and metal some
If that don’t settle ‘em?

Wet ’em son,

Any labor leader, 
here’s a penny, fade a preacher,
Pop a clip into a fool who think he a tool of holy prism
They organize under lies 
With the goal of communism.
Tell the money del Norte 
They prayed with shades of terrorism, 
Knock a fool down, guns got tools now,
fuck their heroism 
We ain’t listenin’ to leaders 
lest they got some Herod in ‘em.”

Thank you to Immortal Technique for inspiration. May the fallen know peace, and the wicked know justice. Or vengeance.