Sunday, June 21, 2020

A Shard Day's Night

Been siftin’, driftin’ and unseen.
Blinded Oculus Supreme.
false hero
Falls past zero
Here, a true obscene.
Set loose, without truce,
bruised-gotta bust
out wherever I'm strapped
got to get me autonomous.
what they need, I get
never hes-it-ant
first to get
both feet wet
don't need no

Blind sons get
swept, kept in cage.
A spirit, wanton-invoked
by chance or as staged?
Free, once yolked
dread pastors
dodging preachers.
I'm the one,
behind one,
and deeper.
Ultra-violent wave
Enslaves the saved
so brave evade the reach.
flatten firmamanet
Know I, unleashed

Never reposed
we goin’ dodo
Folks lean o’
So po’
my face, they know.
Sharing low episodes?
Time passin’
in rhymes and verses.
Ashes have followed me,
This me comes in service.

Fancy boots.
Got robbed while in
'sleep mode'
DAN hung me out,
Raltov plays and he keeps
ERROR ERROR -Endeavor? "Homey don’t play dat"
Turtle Power! Fight The Power! I’m Bat-Bat-Bat-"

I'm Czyglobbin', droppin’
mystical crystals.
Me and them like
mortar and pestle.