Monday, June 15, 2020

Nolo Contendre

The dark side of my truth 
where the worst i'm capable of
were stashed 
reached blind my grasp 
fell on a fine example
bashed a bastard 
he was wrecked
Caught on tape, my next
move was nolo contendre

Caught a case on a waste and lost all sorta shit
I'm practically stipped
civil suit for half a mil hit

My self worth in the rough
mental and nutsack scuffed, 
Three lawyers and no job, yo, what? There's more

East coast, where my crew busts off
Friends got straight laid off
some just canned, paid off

I'm the Big Will Philly meter
where the rhythm and the danger, matter 
Scare bareheadz, make brains scatter 

 Test, test, testin’ your spectacles
 got 2020 vision, but no incisions on my testicles
Though many fools been sweating me,
swinging from my nuts, nearly gave me a vasectomy.
Let ‘em be, back off deez
I need ball room, give refectory,
Don’t come near my chandelier trajectory  
Holy ball bag it’s a testicular threat flurry 
Sketched priests presbytery heads down in the rectory.