Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Full Housin'

Suspense stretches tension, 
this ain't wagers in a fable,
Said "keep it in yo sleeve or I will flip this here table"

I step stacked. 
Feet so sweet in the ring.
Teach you ropes, like a dope 
who don't float n' won't sting.

I grabbed space. 
Out the action, 
with that game still crackin'
No one clapped at my back and
heard no slides go rackin'

Winnings went unlaundered, 
I get 'em I spend 'em.
Stud game felt wrong, 
still on edge. Heat hand: venom.

"All hands on deck! 
Soldiers to triggers!"

Thirsty ground, fam.
Them diggin' gravest figures.

Found a way to know out,
doubts had me buggin' 
One wrong track
twisted scrap, like a train.
Then my brain strained, twitchin',
petrified, glitchin'
"shooting at a straddle-blind card game" they hissin'  
minefield welcome mat greets that stalk-hungry schism.

Stackin' and crackin'the
mint all day, 
i gets most.
Buy the bottle, tip it, curb sips. 
To fallen, toast.
Livin' fresh. Wishes none. Ism free. 
Ism Schizzin? Yo! I'll be ya Huckleberry

Because i'm housin
free hand full housin'
too late, on this matter 
too late on this matter

Found a way to know out. Stout, I recovered.
Found a way to know out. Route, undercover
What a way to bow out . . . 
. . . what me, a sucker?

Schoolin' heads of parties.
I gild the lamplit pack.
Snatch unsavory fellows 
let 'em flame broil in blowback.
Justified, sound as soil and you know that. 

Table games and wheels. 
Chance and truth.
Chaos and loss and loot, 
derailed, no reboot.

When out libs greet me gleeful, 
the we, put pep in step, yow!
Sins for citizens 
all in season now.
And we, 
grew roads true and far 
Wagons outbound!
Onto the stars.
"Customs are clear, 
fire stoked and kept wild.
If proximal, it possible some Libs get you riled."
I straight clip the regime,
roar like a kraken.
Schooled in the wild, still I'm pretty picture snappin'.
On the 'down' 
let straps leave palms.
Tribe of ornery bootleg scribes up on the lawn,
four of 'em housin'. . . .

Others found a way out, 
route was discovered.
Found a way to know out. 
Kept hush, a sucka
Now I'm housin
Flushin' Royals, four out, straights. Stacks, i'm covered.
Cuz i'm housin'.