Saturday, August 8, 2020


Longest August and all this applause is raucous and rote 

Fall guys bloated November contenders bought cause they broke.

Inside or outside the circle, they work till power Dons directive done

Hired executives, parrots, hired mouth, hired guns.

I heard tell of a vessel, special parcel, a marvel, on schedule

Necks will catch metal. No pardons, martyr them, mark scores as settled.

Attention on deck! Direct from Neptune, respect

Lunar Admiralty. Paddles, shit creek maps, saddle up gents.

Curtain up, ring bell, Kayfabe kabuki bicameral Bukakke 

Haterly hate, brotherly love, a plebe’s monopoly?

Makes waves, shakes graves. Quakes you awake to brave 

The days, unpaved roads, row row row, close shave!

Dry land, do dash, snatch the lead, exceed the flock 

Got torch and manifest, baton dropped, we unlocked.

Not a flash of flesh, but a fleet foot fiend 

Not paid in cash for this, no notes that I’d redeem.

Esteemed to gleam this cube

Let rubes and whitenecks fret

Let hood alum get wet

Word passes fast through sets.