Friday, August 21, 2020

Regretfully repent. Reset, represent.

Grief, to some it sticks, static

only release you to go anabatic. 

Those days between I am unseen, entranced

The gray, the grip, bum trip does still advance. 

Chance I took, with baited hook

clipped MY own hoof, steps mistook.

Now through the door, swimmin

you chase your tail, spinnin

ouroboros, gone sinnin'

come homeward, my traps springin'.

Clingin' to the role of your name 

before you paid to get played

you thought laid was made, 

so parade any worth, and pray.

Cannibals form caravans, 

Cast away all plans.

Early bird beats up the chicken, 

at crack of dawn, Yo, early man is clickin’.

But cliques 

got tricked, 

Fangs glisten, 

feast fittin', 

kicking back with Chops licked, 

they bit on our trick. 

Main course of calves roasted, one eyed open flame.

side of du-jour pride, flayed, first born, a whore’s shame 

Malicious math for savage path, usurp kingdom, drive rulers mad

Held tears back daily, 

we turned gears so today we 

bless the master, 

messy bastard,

he feast on death of his babies.

Now the needle from the hexagon it hunt me, 

Feet’ll meet the streets 

Cause I called out the company.

“Fed enemies kids?

Drank from skull, emptied crib?

No gesture expresses 

my gut’s assessment of sentiments, 

cast in absence of taste, chaste is 

one who’s battles drive out sin.”

Since this win, it seems my kin finds sin-for-skin, 

One hook deep in.

Some sin-to-win, drop levers, wage spins, 

sin-sales-men grin, line cast, we swim.

Heard all the way up, blades in state pens.

Shakes and quakes, stakes high, cause fate stalks them

who toast and raise their fans and bid at slave auctions.

A hawk on it’s vector, a gesture of predator’s will. 

Balancing the horrid past is unlike hawk’s nourishing kill,

Language of violence applied to fellow, the hate breeds.

Elevator to higher land, run by our hands, been slow lately . . . . 

I’ll Rip in like Ripken 

Sittin on standby

The quill to script a future 

in my grip as I line stride.